Watch Video: I Will No Longer Have Sex With Men Until God Gives The Right Man To Marry Me ‐ Repented Moesha Buduong

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Moesha Buduong has said she will no longer sleep with men until God gives her the right man to marry her.

Recent life of Moesha Buduong has really got people thinking. There are some people who still think Moesha is pretending to be a repented soul.

Few years back, Moesha had interview with BBC where she claimed female celebrities like her have to sleep with rich men to get money.

In fact, Ghanaians got furious with her statements. Most especially her colleague female celebrities in Ghana.

Since then it has always sticked into people’s minds that Moesha Buduong sleep with men the earn a living.

Quiet surprising to see the new Moesha Buduong. Moesha claims to have been repented. She has now received Christ in her life.

In a video Hitz Motion chanced on saw Moesha Buduong in an uncompleted building surrounded by some youth, evangelising with them.

According to Moesha Buduong, she was ones there when she felt the Holy Ghost has descended upon her. She called her friends and told them.

She also said she told her boyfriend that, she will no longer have sexual intercourse with him until he gets married to her. She also said she has taken a vow not to sleep with any other man until God appoints the right man to marry her.

Moesha urged the young ones to get close to God. For it is through the living God they can get what they aims for in life.

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