Video Marketing – How to Create a Viral Video Sensation

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Video Marketing - How to Create a Viral Video Sensation

Simple video marketing is the simplest and most effective way to attract traffic to your business, website, product or service. The Internet allows the average person to use this advertising technology to reach the world with less effort. The video was so interesting that viewers started sharing it with friends, sharing with friends, and so on. In this post, I will give you an example of a video tutorial, why it is a picture and how you do it. Video conferencing can cause traffic accidents. First of all, it is not known whether the video is as popular as it is strange as gunpowder, but it can have an impact on its effectiveness. He became involved in photo advertising without realizing that he was running someone else’s business.

A Brief Look At Some Well-Known Examples

Charlie Bit my Finger

This video contains the image of a baby biting his sister’s finger, it’s true. How many times have you seen this video? Currently, the number of views does not exceed 500 million. It is important to know that these videos are not intended. The father who recorded and uploaded this record never dreamed of having such an impact. Due to his success, Charlie Bit Yatsa started advertising various perfection products like t-shirts and accessories directly from the YouTube site itself.

The Annoying Orange

The acclaimed Orange series has recorded 123 million views since its release in 2009 and the series has surpassed 30 million views. The ability to create a variety of designs related to almost anything you can think of only gives marketers a rich idea of ​​its potential. Bitter oranges soon caught up and started selling things very successfully and who could blame them?

David After Dentist

This video features David, a 7-year-old boy returning from the dentist still feeling the effects of the drugs given to him. The man recording (David’s father) was doing so to ease his fear of doctors appointments, teaching his son that anticipation is worse than the event itself (probably not the best example). Little did he know that he would soon be the founder of a YouTube sensation. David after dentist now sells merchandise and promotes it’s very own website dedicated to hosting similar videos. I would like to add that the annoying orange did a parody of this which became very popular also.

Dramatic Chipmunk

Now we come to the dramatic chipmunk, the title says it all. There are many different viral animal videos but this one is particularly special because it’s only 5 seconds in length, possibly the shortest viral video with a respectable 36 million views. The clip was taken from an existing video found here. These are amazing and are it exchanging the concepts, understanding the dance with me, perhaps the best video of the video, including millions of events with a lot of bishop leather. It informs your website by YouTube. Sell your book.

Evolution of Dance

Evolutionary dance is a dance that I will never cheap. It can be a personality of thinking that you have to be in the right place when you deserve to take something interesting. And target online with intent with web devices and until the probability of these steps.


What can we learn about high-speed videos that we can use for our public videos? Well, to be honest, most video games aren’t meant to be that way, and you probably think you should. Capture great things at the right place and at the right time. This is true, but there is a way to create an online ad with this goal in mind, and it’s best to follow these steps wherever possible.


As I’ve seen it many times, it seems that you can win with a short video. It is recommended to leave it for 10 to 30 seconds. If the video is long, it quickly loses interest.

Make It Changeable

If people who change it can remix it and cheat and enjoy it, you are the winner. This isn’t necessary, but this feature leaves room for some upgrade opportunities.

Don’t Advertise Anyone

Nobody likes ads and they don’t share them. You should think of your video as a form of advertising, but that doesn’t mean the video itself. Your social media is what attracts people to your site, where your site can provide links and more information to the products you sell.

Use Empathy.

Make sure you know the reaction you want, such as laughter, curiosity, fear, empathy, and even shock. Once you know, try expanding the reaction as much as possible. It makes viewers want to share those feelings and share your video.

Goal Improvements

Wise Choice Video content includes

  • Baby and toddler (red, stupid)Animals (showing human emotions, idiots)
  • Injuries (games, accidents, stunts)
  • Jokes (friends, friends, social jokes)
  • Gifts/jokes (expressions of famous movies/dramas, etc).

Most Viewed Items

Go to YouTube Page videos on the most viewed sites every day are getting a lot of trade To be on the most-watched list every day, you need to have a strong interest in the video. This is the most difficult part because you need to spread the video up and down using blogs, platforms, and your friends do it to get the most out of it. You must ask. To not be afraid to look for paid ads on this level. if the video is enough, then it will go crazy with each other.

Title Optimization

Include words like “leakage” and “registration” in your daily task, the user’s reason is resolved and many conditions will be remembered and the user finds it. To be a video displayed in the list in the list of missing things.

Provoke Conversation

A great tip is to create several YouTube accounts and start commenting on your video, get a conversation going. This will invite users to have their opinion and will essentially give your video that interactive element that it lacks.

Thumb Tube Offers Thumbs

up using the original video number. You should edit your video to include the images that appeal to you the most and suggest posting something completely irrelevant if it allows people to click on it.

Paper Connection

Fixes Don’t use symbols when making videos with babies laughing. Avoid symbols like babies, laughter, and laughter. Or use the same shapes as squirrel, puppy, squirrel, squirrel. If you have problems with this, you can always use Google, such as “laughter words”.

Monitor your growth

Browse your survey to see where the most clicks are, zoom in on the video and watch the video progress. Keep trying new methods and enhancements that will help you in all parts of your video marketing campaign. Good! My 11th tool for creating diffusive videos, all in byte mode. Remember that it’s not easy to succeed.

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