The Biography Of Ghanaian Artist LordémmaH

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Lord Emmanuel is Ghanaian Artist who goes by the name LordémmaH. He discovered his music talent at the age of 18. And took it as a profession in 2019.

LordémmaH has his own label called The OGS Legacy which is the abbreviation of Only God Saves Legacy. The artist says the name is very spiritual to him.

According to LordémmaH, he has over 70 written songs and few already recorded. He is a versatile artist who does all genres of music, but he is an Afro beat advocate.

Aside his music profession, he is also into teaching, painting, acting and dancing. He is from Axim.

He believe music did not choose him, neither did he chose music, but he is the music.

LordémmaH urges his fans to remain calm and continue to love the brand as he’s about drop a big project for them.

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