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Tips and Tricks to distribute and promote music on Spotify

Spotify is perhaps the most significant and adaptable streaming services for independent artists. From its immediate playlist pitching portal to its profile customization options, to how their algorithms toss fuel on the fire for a song that shows solid commitment, Spotify has a large group of tools and features that Read More

Music: Ten Bands Who Peaked With Their Debuts

Ten Bands Who Peaked With Their Debuts Seeing the entirety of the baseball possibilities contending during Spring Training implies that winter has at long last passed, however, it likewise helps me to remember those young players who had shocking youngster seasons just to flounder for the remainder of their concise Read More

Music: How To Buy Hip Hop Beats For Sale Online

If you are a music artist, you may have had this inquiry at the top of the priority list sooner or later – How would I buy hip hop beats available to be purchased online? With the internet getting increasingly popular, it’s not difficult to see that online music producers Read More

Five Music Industry Myths That May Kill Your Music Career

1. Music project number You will not be able to join if you are over age. Fact: Successful companies and musicians have not been focused on for years. There are many talented musicians over 30 years in all areas of your business. It is only at your age that the music industry Read More

Online Branding for Musicians, Why Branding Is Essential

Before I begin penning this article, I might wish to say that the majority of artists and musicians are generally intimidated by the word brand. A lot, or maybe most, haven’t any plan what it suggests that or what it’s, and most significantly however crucial it may be Read More

Ways and Methods To Extend The Life Of Your Amplifier

Amplifiers can’t work without an amplifying device. within the past, vacuum tubes were used but today, transistor have replaced them. the great thing about transistors is that they’re relatively inexpensive, durable and efficient. On the opposite hand, tube amplifiers are power-hungry devices. Plus, they’re fragile and generate Read More