Soulja Boy Furious With Kanye West For Taking His Verse Off “Donda” Album

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Soulja Boy furious with Kanye West for taking his verse off “DONDA” album.

Soulja Boy pissed at Kanye West for cutting him from “DONDA.”

Soulja Boy is still steaming over being left off Kanye West’s new album … telling us Ye is nothing but a time waster and a coward!

We got Soulja at a Shell gas station in Calabasas on Monday and asked him about getting cut from “Donda” … and the rapper didn’t hold back.

Soulja says Kanye totally wasted his time by reaching out to him for a collab on Ye’s new track, “Remote Control,” before ultimately leaving SB’s verse on the cutting room floor.

What’s more, Soulja is ballistic Kanye was, as he says, spinning fake stories on social media about the album’s release.

He says he’s especially ticked off Ye didn’t have the courage to personally call him and explain why he was cut.

Soulja says he’s got plenty of better things to do than link up with Kanye for work that never sees the light of day … but he tells us why he’s still open to working with Ye in the future.

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