Online Branding for Musicians, Why Branding Is Essential

Before I begin penning this article, I might wish to say that the majority of artists and musicians are generally intimidated by the word brand. A lot, or maybe most, haven’t any plan what it suggests that or what it’s, and most significantly however crucial it may be Read More

Ways and Methods To Extend The Life Of Your Amplifier

Amplifiers can’t work without an amplifying device. within the past, vacuum tubes were used but today, transistor have replaced them. the great thing about transistors is that they’re relatively inexpensive, durable and efficient. On the opposite hand, tube amplifiers are power-hungry devices. Plus, they’re fragile and generate Read More

Why Rappers And Singers Choose To Buy Rap Beats Online

Are you a rapper or an aspiring rapper interested in where to source for beats online? Are you a music producer or an enthusiast interested in the explanations why many artists are choosing to shop for beats online? For any of the above reasons or others, one of the undeniable Read More

List of Top Ten Rappers Of All Time

Each rap music lover loves to discuss the main 10 rappers ever. It takes just a casual hip-hop fan to understand that Biggie is superior to Kanye in terms of mic-skills, and Tupac is head-and-shoulders above Drake. Still, with regards to ranking the top-level M.C.s, the discussion becomes unanswerable. Read More

Shatta Wale has yet again been recognized internationally

Ghana’s self-acclaimed dancehall king Shatta Wale has yet again got international recognition with his songs Ayoo, My level and Mamas Story. Charles Nii Armah Mensah, professionally known as Shatta Wale was voted for as Artist of the year in 2014 at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. He is a musician, Read More

Sarkodie tour Kwame despite garage to see his luxury cars

Owner of Despite Group of companies Kwame Despite had a surprised guest during his Birthday celebration. Greatest African rapper Sarkodie graced the birthday celebration with a light performance from him. For the first time, Kwame Despite was forced to give a dance a try when Sarkodie asked him to join Read More