Music Career – Seven Things Musicians Do In The Wrong

To be successful in your music career, you need to understand the following: The right strategy to follow to succeed in the music industry. * How to perform each step in the best way, easily and effectively, to get the desired result. Instructions on the types of steps you should take to help you build […]Read More

Five Music Industry Myths That May Kill Your Music Career

1. Music project number You will not be able to join if you are over age. Fact: Successful companies and musicians have not been focused on for years. There are many talented musicians over 30 years in all areas of your business. It is only at your age that the music industry operates like any […]Read More

Online Branding for Musicians, Why Branding Is Essential

Before I begin penning this article, I might wish to say that the majority of artists and musicians are generally intimidated by the word brand. A lot, or maybe most, haven’t any plan what it suggests that or what it’s, and most significantly however crucial it may be to line them self except all of […]Read More

Ways and Methods To Extend The Life Of Your Amplifier

Amplifiers can’t work without an amplifying device. within the past, vacuum tubes were used but today, transistor have replaced them. the great thing about transistors is that they’re relatively inexpensive, durable and efficient. On the opposite hand, tube amplifiers are power-hungry devices. Plus, they’re fragile and generate tons of warmth. If you’ve got a tube-based […]Read More

The Different Ways to Present Identity on MySpace – Mbaqanga

THE first time I listened to Mbaqanga music, I never took it seriously and thought it may be a genre on its own to be identified because the best that would soothe and entertain someone’s soul. The bumpy panoptic rhythm sound that the majority of listeners could respond serious by nodding their heads and mimicking […]Read More

Why Rappers And Singers Choose To Buy Rap Beats Online

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M – Net Movies – Pop-up channel dedicated to incredible

Try not to be blinded by their magnificence. They are keen, solid, unquestionably not to be meddled with. These are the main action ladies that will command your screens when M-Net launches its pop-up channel devoted to the powerful women in real life movies in March. Named the M-Net Movies Pretty Deadly Pop-up Channel featuring […]Read More

List of Top Ten Rappers Of All Time

Each rap music lover loves to discuss the main 10 rappers ever. It takes just a casual hip-hop fan to understand that Biggie is superior to Kanye in terms of mic-skills, and Tupac is head-and-shoulders above Drake. Still, with regards to ranking the top-level M.C.s, the discussion becomes unanswerable. Notorious B.I.G. Passed on at a […]Read More