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Only Baby Christians Criticize My Make-up And Wearing Of Wigs – Diana Asamoah

Well-known gospel artist Evangelist Diana Asamoah has slammed critics criticizing her new turn off of wearing wigs, make-up, and heels

Diana Asamoah who has now turned into the opposite side of herself has gotten a lot of people talking and wondering the reason for the change. Diana Asamoah was once a simple evangelist who did not have an interest in anything artificial.

A lot of people have been criticizing Diana Asamoah for criticizing ladies who make up, put on heels, wear wigs and also wear artificial nails. Diana Asamoah in a recent interview stated that those who do all these things are “maame water”.

Speaking in an interview on a Kumasi-based Angel FM Drivetime, Diana told the host that wearing wigs, high heels, and doing make-up is not a sin in the presence of God.

“When I was a baby in Christ as an Evangelist, I criticized wearing of wigs, high heels, and makeup but now I’m matured and God has opened my eyes to see what is good and bad”

“I will never allow Evangelists and Men of God who is criticizing me divert my attention. I understand what I’m doing and their criticism will never stop me to win souls for Christ” Diana Asamoah said.

“Those evangelists and men of God who are criticizing me will know the importance of high heels, wigs, and makeup when they become matured in Christ and allow God to open their eyes”.

“Makeup is good but too much of everything is bad. If you do too much makeup and think that the makeup will help you get a husband then it means you don’t believe in God but rather the makeup so it will be a sin in front of God.”

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