My Name Alone Will Motivate The Upcoming Ones To Push Harder – Ghanaian Artist “Small Small”

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Many entertainment gurus do not really understand the inspiration behind the name Small Small, and hence a lot of questions has been raised.

The Artist has finally come out to clear the air about how he came up with such name.

Small Small

When he was asked how the name came about this was his response “My name Small Small has a powerful meaning to me. Sometimes people who have not met or seen me before think I might be a small boy or might look smallish in stature due to my name. But that isn’t the case. In every journey there is a first step that a person has to take. Without a first step, a journey can not be accomplished. So in our daily living first step is very important. So as my name goes, one can’t build a house without foundation. Same way one can’t become a pilot without going through the necessary training. So in everything you start somewhere and ends somewhere. So I am using my name (small small) to encourage all the upcoming ones they shouldn’t quit what they have started already. Once you have started, you must complete it. So is this small small things we do, that become big in the future.” He explained.

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