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My ‘G’ is Back – Shatta Wale Finally Reconciles With Former Militant Member Joint 77

Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale has questioned an agent of darkness how he/she will feel seeing his G Joint 77 back to his camp as a militant as he reacts to a post of them together.

Joint 77 is a former militant who left the camp of Shatta Wale under very bad circumstances but per the post of the SM boss, it was as a result of what an agent of darkness said or did that caused their separation.

Reacting to a recent post of himself and Joint 77, Shatta Wale asked this agent of darkness how he/she will feel if his G Joint 77 comes back to his camp as a militant forgetting all that happened to them in the past.

According to him, you can f00l people sometimes but you can’t f00l them every time because his guys know he’s real and he doesn’t lie but these agents of darkness come and separate them always.

Shatta Wale then wondered if the agent of darkness isn’t ashamed because now it appears Joint 77 is knowing the truth about what caused their separation and the possibility of seeing him join the SM group and become a militant again is very high.

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