M – Net Movies – Pop-up channel dedicated to incredible women in March

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M-Net Movies - Pop-up channel dedicated to incredible women in March

Try not to be blinded by their magnificence. They are keen, solid, unquestionably not to be meddled with. These are the main action ladies that will command your screens when M-Net launches its pop-up channel devoted to the powerful women in real life movies in March.

Named the M-Net Movies Pretty Deadly Pop-up Channel featuring Leading Ladies of Action, this thrilling pop-up channel, which will be accessible to DStv Premium customers, will air on DStv Channel 111 from Friday, 19 March, at 8:30 am and end on Sunday, 4 April, 12:00 am.

The launch of the channel matches with the festival of women’s commitments from the beginning of time and in contemporary society, as March is broadcasted Women’s History Month.

The action film genre has traditionally been overwhelmed by men. In any case, progress has been made throughout the long term, as an ever-increasing number of women are currently at the cutting edge of their action films, and we love to see that at M-Net. That is the reason we’ve united the best action film heroines on a committed channel to celebrate them, says Managing Director, MultiChoice Ghana, Cecil Sunkwa Mills. For about fourteen days, viewers can anticipate watching astonishing women take the characters of assassins to superheroes, and kick, punch, and shoot right out of snags.

The pop-up channel comprises an unfathomable assortment of heroine action movies that pack a punch. Among the pearls are the most acclaimed butt-kicking films. These integrate Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, Zoe Saldana’s Colombiana, and Angelina Jolie’s Salt.

The channel will run from late morning to midnight consistently. Likewise, the movies are scheduled by themes at peak times.

On Friday’s, we celebrate the beautiful lethal women who are all around prepared assassins and spies. Try not to pass up Charlie’s Angels, Colombiana and Anna upon the arrival of the launch.

On Saturdays, we focus on Sheroes. They are the super-powered women who put their life at risk to save the world, just as the bold normal women who will do all that they can to ensure their families and discover justice for their friends and family. A portion of the movies that viewers can expect is Captain Marvel, Alita: Battle Angel, Catwoman, Kidnap, Break-In, and The Hunger Games.

At that point, on Sunday’s, viewers will see Charlize Theron measure against Angelina Jolie.

Different themes to watch for are:

Dream on Mondays;

Saints and crime on Tuesdays;

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy on Wednesdays;

furthermore, Survival/Sci-fi on Thursdays.

All movies on the pop-up channel will be made accessible on DStv Catch Up until Tuesday, 4 May.

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