Kendrick Lamar’s New Album Is On The Way “Real Soon” – The Game says

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The Game hints at new music coming from Kendrick Lamar as he’s said to drop an album “real soon.”

J. Cole was the first God – tire rapper to jump out the window with the release of his well-received album, The Off-Season. But according to fellow Compton legend, The Game, Kendrick Lamar might be right on Cole’s heels.

On Monday, a video of Game started to surface on social media. After praising Cole for what he did with the project, Game claimed that’s Kendrick’s new album is coming “real soon.”

“I talked to Top Dawg. You know, he told me Kendrick ‘about to hit n****s with some shit real soon and shit. So, you know, who knows how real soon that it but if Kendrick is working, that shit is always major,” Game said.

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