Indiana Jones Reveals Boyd Holbrook’s Costume With 5 Set Of Costumes

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Indiana Jones Reveals Boyd Holbrook’s Costume With 5 Set Of Costumes

Indiana Jones 5 Set Photos Reveal Boyd Holbrook’s Costume.

The latest set photos to emerge from Indiana Jones 5 reveal franchise newcomer Boyd Holbrook in his costume, which so far is a slick suit.

New Indiana Jones 5 set photos reveal Boyd Holbrook’s costume for the first time. It might have taken some time to get going, but the fifth installment in the beloved Indiana Jones franchise is finally up and running. Following lukewarm responses to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it looked like Harrison Ford’s adventuring archeologist would be hanging up his fedora forever. However, Indiana Jones 5 was put into production in 2016 and, after many starts and stops over the ensuing years, finally started filming last month.

Ford will be back once more to play Indy for this new movie, and he’ll be joined by several franchise newcomers. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is said to be the female lead, while those such as Mads Mikkelsen, Toby Jones, and Antonio Banderas have been cast in undisclosed roles. The same can be said for Logan actor Holbrook, who joined the cast of Indiana Jones 5 in May alongside Shaunette Renée Wilson. Production suffered a small setback when Ford was injured in late June, but it was not shut down.

Several cast members have been spotted on the set of Indiana Jones 5, and now Holbrook has joined those ranks. In recent set photos shared by Indiana Jones 5 News, Holbrook can be spotted walking among the crew and getting out of a car while in costume. While the classic style of his threads match the movie’s 1960s setting, they aren’t quite as flashy as Waller-Bridge’s previously revealed costume.

Little is known about Indiana Jones 5’s plot, but fans have been able to pick up on a few details based on various set photos. For one thing, it looks like the story will be tied to the 1969 moon landing. For another, Indiana Jones 5 could end up straddling two different timelines. There’s the 1960s story, which appears to be where Waller-Bridge and Holbrook are, and then there appears to be a story set in WWII, as set photos have revealed Nazi enemies for Indy.

Holbrook’s new costume doesn’t reveal much about who his character might be, but at least it now gives an indication of where in the timeline he falls. Getting peeks at the newcomers on set has been quite exciting, though nothing could quite beat the thrill of seeing Ford don the Indiana Jones costume once again. His return is a large part of why there is so much anticipation surrounding Indiana Jones 5, and hopefully more details will emerge soon so fans get a better idea of what to expect.

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