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I had s3x with my own son, and he was able to satisfy me – Lady makes chilling confession to Arnold Mensah Elavanyo on Vibes In 5

A Lady by name Bernice Nketiah Hammond has made a very cold confession about having sex with his own school son. And how the son was able to satisfy her in an interview with Arnold Mensah Elavanyo

The lady is said to be an ex lesbian. She was into lesbianism for three years. She made this revelation through her interview with Arnold Mensah Elavanyo of “Vibes In 5.”

She also revealed on how she’s being in addiction with maturbation, and how she is battling to put a stop to it

“I have been a lesbian for three years. And it was not easy to stop. But now I am no more. I am also finding it difficult to quit masturbation.”

“Whenever I am in a room alone without doing nothing I will have to masturbate” she said.

When asked how often she masturbate in a day? She replied as long as she’s alone in the room feeling bored.

Benny also made a revelation of her using her middle finger to insert herself. Sometimes too she would use a vibrator, but it was ceased by her ex lesbian partner when she broke up with her. So she used to buy cucumber of different sizes to do the act.

She added that her partners thought her how to use cucumber to masturbate. They inserted item like fingers, cucumber and vibrators into her during sex with them.

When asked why she chose to be with a woman instead of a man? She said is due to maltreatment from guys.

She and her ex used to do threesome or more. The last time she had sex with a man was “20 years ago.”

According to her she dated 2 girls in S.H.S and 1 in polytechnic.

The last man he had sex with dumped her after he caught her masturbating with a Teddy bear.

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