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Government Planning To Arrest Youths Who Engage In Sports Betting – Ghanaian MP Dr. Stephen Amoah Reveals

Dr. Stephen Amoah, the member of Parliament representing the Nhyiaeso constituency has opened up on measures taken by the government to deal ‘drastically’ with the youths in the country who engage in sports betting.

He said that the operation will take serious effect on people below 18 years who still engage in sports betting despite instructions laid down by various sport betting companies. He revealed in an interview on Abusua FM that a by-law has been drafted to the operation to commence.

According to him, this forms part of some of the measures taken by the government to eradicate criminal activities among young people in the country, especially in his constituency, Nhyiaeso.

Apart from interdicting the youths from engaging in sports betting, the bill drafted also aims at dealing with minors who also engage in unpleasant activities such as taking in alcohol and abusing hard drugs like marijuana even if they were sent by adults to get it, according to Dr. Stephen Amoah.

What we are going to do now in Nhyieaso is that children below 18 years will be arrested at betting organizations if they engage in betting, we will also arrest children possessing or buying alcohol and other hard substances. We will arrest them even when they are sent by their parents, he said on Abusua FM.

He further stated that children will be required to show their Identification cards when engaging in such acts and if they fall below 18 years, they will be arrested immediately without any consideration.

“And one important strategy we are going to deploy is by telling children to always show their ID cards when engaging in any of these, if they’re below 18 we will arrest them as done elsewhere”, he fumed.

“The time children will say Manchester United will score Chelsea, Chelsea will score Liverpool, I will win this bet today, then we are there to arrest them,” he added.

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