Five Music Industry Myths That May Kill Your Music Career

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Five Music Industry Myths That May Kill Your Music Career

1. Music project number

You will not be able to join if you are over age.
Fact: Successful companies and musicians have not been focused on for years. There are many talented musicians over 30 years in all areas of your business. It is only at your age that the music industry operates like any other company. With the principles of service, dedication and value of delivery, you can succeed at any age. Learn what the music industry wants from musicians. Then start strengthening these skills (more on that later). This is what draws people from the industry to you.

2. Story of music number

fans stop buying music. Fact: Fans buy music these days, but the old marketing business model doesn’t work. To sell music to your fans (and make money), you have to do the following: how the industry works today (not how it worked many years ago) Music for fans who know what it is.

3. Musical Activity

Before you start a career, you must be a professional musician. Fact: To become a professional musician, you don’t just have to have “good musical skills”. The music industry is not a great musician or musician and most talented musicians don’t build the success of their music career.

What you need to learn here: Develop your musical skills and other aspects of your music career at the same time. Note: You do not need to go to college to be a professional musician. Going to college for music only helps you improve your music skills.

Doing so will not help you improve your music performance. Get a theme of music and music. Many people do not make more money with musicians than in college. Lesson download lessons with a guitar instructor will help you learn the tools quickly.

Question: But Tom Hess, what if you get a degree in the music industry?

Answer: Teachers who teach in the music industry usually do not succeed in the music industry. Only teachers are teachers and they teach about professionals. Music, for example, in the music business class, you can expand your career in the music industry. You can learn how to register, how to announce a tour and how safety works. This information is useful to know, but it is not useful.

  • Sign your recording agreement.
  • Take a tour of money.
  • Receive an offer to play your music.
  • Join the group you want.
  • Earn a big income from music.
  • Continued long-term success in the music industry. You will get the same results by working with a successful professional music teacher.

4. Music Project

To be successful, you have to be in Music City.

Fact: This is an old myth that is not true. You, not the city, matter. You can work with music companies that are far away. From you. Develop a successful music industry and learn the basics of life with it in your career. This will lead you to success wherever you are.

5. Music Career Myth

You need good connections to achieve success.

Reality: Connections often may not lead down the path of music career success. If I introduced you to the lead singer of your favourite band, would this do a lot for you? Not likely. Of course, it may offer more value than most other singers. You have built a reputation in the music industry for being a loyal, hardworking and trustworthy person with a passion for business. People in the music industry check your values ​​before you start working with you in any position. Tom Hess is an online electric guitar teacher and music teacher. Tom Hess also trains musicians on how to be successful in the music business. You can read more about how to make it into your music project on the website of your professional artist called

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