Enda Adwoa Celly reveals the qualities of her prospective husband

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Enda Adwoa Celly reveals the qualities of her prospective husband. Ghanaian much trending and social media influencer, Celly recently discloses some qualities she expects from her future husband.

In an interview hosted by Delay records that, the screen diva really stated 3 main things she will look into and except her prospective husband to possess. The first and foremost quality she needs is, being with the intelligent guy. She said it would be very awful if the head of the family does not have the ability to think and make informed decisions about the family, the whole house will be doomed.

She also asserted that the guy she must meet in the future must be God-fearing. Some fathers in our various houses lack this great quality and however turn out to beat their wives in the house. Such a husband is just horrible and she doesn’t need much in her life.

The last quality she talked about is that her prospective husband must have a big d*ck. His manhood must carry weight as she enjoys that type most. She certainly stated that she doesn’t need money but a happy home she cares about rather. She concluded.

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