Sarkodie Makes His Debut On Grammy Official Website

Sarkodie makes his debut on with Herbal Tea & White Sofas. The moment we’re all waiting for is part of the music institution’s new series called ‘Herbal Tea & White Sofas’, which asks artists about their lives on tour and what their rituals are, if any. Read More

Pop Smoke Grave In Brooklyn Has Been Vandalised

Pop Smoke’s grave at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y. has reportedly been vandalized, according to TMZ. It’s unclear how or why the disgraceful act took place, but the desecrated site was noticed, Saturday morning. Based on scrape marks leading from the tomb in Read More

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Have A New Home In Texas

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have a new home in a new city where they can plan to have their PDA-filled rendezvous … and it’s deep in the heart of Texas.OK, it’s a temporary home, but sources familiar with the situation tell HitzMotion … Ben is about to start Read More